3.63 Vita Hack: Install ARK-2 PSP & PS1 Game Backups

In this video I show how to install ARK-2 on any PS Vita or PSTV running firmware 3.63, 3.61 or lower.
ARK2 is an eCFW vita hack which will allow your system to run PSP homebrew, as well as PSP and PS1 backups.
This method of installing ARK can also be done on devices with firmware lower than 3.63, but it’s obviously best for people who missed out on 3.60 HENkaku firmware and are unable to install Adrenaline.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Now that Vita 3.65 firmware has been released, if you want to keep ARK-2 and still be able to play PSP and PS1 backups.. make sure you DO NOT UPDATE above 3.63 firmware. If you install 3.65 firmware, ARK-2 will be unable to run on your system anymore.

You will need a PSP game bubble to install ARK into, below are some free PSP demos which you can download from the PS store.
US region: Petz Saddle Club or LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.
EU and Asia: Ape Quest (Ape Quest Starter Pack)

You will also need to have QCMA alternate content manager software installed on your computer, you can get it from here:

Download the ARK file for your firmware version from one of the links below
3.60 – 3.63: https://mega.nz/#!NM8RmBZa!4A2Yd4c2Mh-LzDuOhUIHFwONvFAJiTi0zkXfGEoPVq4
3.51 – 3.52: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bpwvjc2bchlandm/release_ark_352.zip
3.50: http://www.mediafire.com/download/areinf3t468yf50/release_ark_350.rar
3.3X: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ivonlaiawwaccn8/FW3.3X_ARK-2_PBOOT_Bubble.rar

Download PSVimgTools 64bit windows version from this link:

If you want to download a 32bit or Linux version of the PSVimgTools you can use this link instead:

If you have a Mac computer, you have two options. First is installing a windows OS to your machine using Bootcamp or something similar to it. Secondly since the frontend tool shown in this video is only available for Windows and Linux, you can attempt to run the commands manually using the following tutorial:

How to install ARK (ePSP Custom Firmware) on PS Vita 3.63

Your computer will also need some compression software to be able to extract the download files, I recommend either WinRAR or 7Zip.

NOTE: 3.65 firmware has been released about a month after this video was uploaded, and I can confirm ARK-2 does NOT work on the latest 3.65 firmware. So if you want to keep being able to play PSP and PS1 game backups on your device, do NOT update to 3.65.

I hope this tutorial on how to hack a 3.63 vita helped you, and if you want to see more content for 3.63 PS Vita and Playstation TV systems then definitely let me know in the comments below!

Credits for today’s video go out to:
Yifan Lu, for his hard work releasing the PSVimgtools which allow us to decrypt and modify PS Vita backups
TheFlow, obvious Vita hero who continually puts hours and effort to improving the Vita scene
SilicaAndPina, he released the gui used in this video which makes installing the data into backups alot simpler. Has done stupid things in the past but this release shows he has grown up and has the potential to be a great developer.

Thanks for watching and subscribing, if you have any questions or suggestions don’t be afraid to ask.


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